An ISA definition for Kingdom Hearts 2 AI
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KH2AI or, more specifically, ghidra-kh2ai, is a project implementing a disassembler, assembler and a decompiler for Kingdom Hearts 2 Artificial Intelligence's format. ghidra-kh2ai, as its name suggests, is developped for the Software Reverse Engineering(SRE) framework Ghidra.

More informations about the project can be found at:

Why Ghidra

Ghidra is factually better in its underlying architecture and easier to develop for. If I targetted this tool to IDA I would have, at best, a disassembler and trouble implementing a good bunch of what I did. SLEIGH, Ghidra's analyzer architecture and extensions on top of the whole program architecture are just better. RTFM.


You will need a Ghidra development setup, or at the very least gradle and a Ghidra installation somewhere on your storage space. You will also need a LaTeX common build tools and extensions, pdflatex is preferred along with python to build the manual.

Building instructions

cd data/manuals/
mkdir sleigh
python ../languages/kh2ai.sinc
pdflatex kh2ai.tex
cd ../../
gradle -PGHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR=/my/ghidra/dir buildExtension

You will end up with an extension zip in the dist folder

Can I have a tutorial on how to mod KH2 AI