An ISA definition for Kingdom Hearts 2 AI
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// Builds a Ghidra Extension for a given Ghidra installation.
// An absolute path to the Ghidra installation directory must be supplied either by setting the
// GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR environment variable or Gradle project property:
// > export GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR=<Absolute path to Ghidra>
// > gradle
// or
// > gradle -PGHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR=<Absolute path to Ghidra>
// Gradle should be invoked from the directory of the project to build. Please see the
// application.gradle.version property in <GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR>/Ghidra/
// for the correction version of Gradle to use for the Ghidra installation you specify.
//----------------------START "DO NOT MODIFY" SECTION------------------------------
def ghidraInstallDir
if (System.env.GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR) {
ghidraInstallDir = System.env.GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR
else if (project.hasProperty("GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR")) {
ghidraInstallDir = project.getProperty("GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR")
if (ghidraInstallDir) {
apply from: new File(ghidraInstallDir).getCanonicalPath() + "/support/buildExtension.gradle"
else {
throw new GradleException("GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR is not defined!")
//----------------------END "DO NOT MODIFY" SECTION-------------------------------