An ISA definition for Kingdom Hearts 2 AI
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<data_organization> <!-- These tags were generated with gcc 4.2.4 -->
<absolute_max_alignment value="0" />
<machine_alignment value="2" />
<default_alignment value="1" />
<default_pointer_alignment value="4" />
<pointer_size value="4" />
<wchar_size value="4" />
<short_size value="2" />
<integer_size value="4" />
<long_size value="4" />
<long_long_size value="8" />
<float_size value="4" />
<double_size value="8" />
<long_double_size value="8" />
<entry size="1" alignment="1" />
<entry size="2" alignment="2" />
<entry size="4" alignment="4" />
<entry size="8" alignment="8" />
<range space="ram"/>
<stackpointer register="sp" space="ram"/>
<register name="ra"/>
<prototype name="__stdcall" extrapop="0" stackshift="0">
<register name="r5"/>
<register name="r6"/>
<register name="r7"/>
<register name="r8"/>
<register name="sp"/>