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docs: update to show auto update is done

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@ -13,5 +13,16 @@ such you might want to really document yourself before using parts of this
software! Please read `docs/README.txt` at the very least!
## Development Notes
Do not forget to run `pre-commit install` to get the formatting hooks running
before contributing!
For security reasons, you will want to set git pull path to https and git push
patch to ssh, obviously this is only useful if you actually develop navi.
To do that run the following commands, using my own repository as an example:
git remote set-url origin
git remote set-url origin --push

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TODO list sorted by priority:
* workflow: set up patchouli to have regular and automated backups
* updates: make autoUpgrade pull the git repo and verify navi's sig
* security: security hardening through sandboxing
* security: tor profiles and fix iana