NixOS Advanced Virtual Infrastructure
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navi(NixOS Advanced Virtual Infrastructure) is a set of NixOS configuration files handling my own internal infrastructure.

Currently the machines populated by this configuration are:

  • alastor
  • xanadu

WARNING: This is a very heavily WIP project and has an uncommon threat model, as such you might want to really document yourself before using parts of this software! Please read docs/README.txt at the very least!

Development Notes

To setup navi you'll first need to bootstrap it:

cd bootstrap && ./

This will setup secrets needed for the entire infrastructure to work.

If you want to test the setup before installing it on a real machine you can

sudo nixos-rebuild build-vm -I nixos-config=./configuration.sample.nix

If you want to install navi on a live machine, you'll need to run the bootstrapper again to generate device-specific keys, paths, and other required components. It will generate a default configuration which you should tailor to your needs. Installing is then as simple as running

sudo nixos-install


Do not forget to run pre-commit install to get the formatting hooks running before contributing!