NixOS Advanced Virtual Infrastructure
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#!/usr/bin/env sh
# Run only if user logged in (prevent cron errors)
pgrep -u "${USER:=$LOGNAME}" >/dev/null || { echo "$USER not logged in; sync will not run."; exit ;}
# Run only if not already running in other instance
pgrep -x mbsync >/dev/null && { echo "mbsync is already running." ; exit ;}
# check if the mailserver is online || if we have internet connection
wget -q --spider || { echo "No internet connection detected."; exit ;}
# Check account for new mail. Notify if there is new content.
syncandnotify() {
acc="$(echo "$account" | sed "s/.*\///")"
mbsync -c $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mbsync/config "$acc" || touch /tmp/mailfail
# Sync accounts passed as argument or all.
if [ "$#" -eq "0" ]; then
accounts="$(awk '/^Channel/ {print $2}' "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mbsync/config")"
rm /tmp/mailfail 2>/dev/null
# Parallelize multiple accounts
for account in $accounts
syncandnotify &
notmuch new 2>/dev/null
# TODO: make an unread for all accounts
if test -f "/tmp/mailfail"; then
echo "error" > ~/.local/share/mail/unread-govanify && exit 1
find $XDG_DATA_HOME/mail/govanify/INBOX -type f | grep -vE ',[^,]*S[^,]*$' | xargs basename -a | grep -v "^\." | wc -l > $XDG_DATA_HOME/mail/unread-govanify