Protocol for Instrumentation of Emulators
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PCSX2 IPC Client Example

You'll find here the reference implementation of PCSX2 IPC Socket client-side C++ API.

Here is a list of files included in this repository:

  • .clang-format: A syntax formatting definition for this project files.
  • .gitignore: A file to avoid commiting unnecessary files.
  • Doxyfile: Doxygen configuration to automatically generate our documentation.
  • The file that is used to define how to build the program.
  • Take a wild guess.
  • A Qt build definition file. Useful if you want to compile this example on Windows with Qt Creator.
  • bindings/: A folder containing bindings for multiple popular languages.

A small client example is provided along with the API. It can be compiled on by using the command meson build && cd build && ninja. Please refer to meson documentation if you want to use another generator, say, Visual Studio, instead of ninja.
Alternatively, loading the "" on Windows with Qt Creator will work just fine if you're lazy.
Once it builds just hack on it and make whatever you want!
If you dislike C++ bindings in popular languages are available.

On Doxygen you can find the documentation of the API [here](@ref PCSX2Ipc).

Have fun!
-Gauvain "GovanifY" Roussel-Tarbouriech, 2020