Protocol for Instrumentation of Emulators
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using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
namespace csharp
class Program
const string libipc = "libpcsx2_ipc_c.dll";
#elif _OSX
const string libipc = "libpcsx2_ipc_c.dylib";
#elif _UNIX
const string libipc = "";
// if the function you want to use isn't there you'll have to define the binding to the function
// rule of thumb: pointers = IntPtr, enum = their underlying type(by default it's int in C but
// I should have properly defined their type explicitely).
static extern IntPtr newPCSX2Ipc();
static extern UInt64 Read(IntPtr v, UInt32 address, Byte msg,
bool batch);
static extern void deletePCSX2Ipc(IntPtr v);
static extern UInt32 GetError(IntPtr v);
static void Main(string[] args)
// we get our ipc object
IntPtr ipc = newPCSX2Ipc();
// we read an uint8_t from memory location 0x00347D34
Console.WriteLine(Read(ipc, 0x00347D34, 0, false));
// we check for errors
Console.WriteLine("Error (if any): {0}", GetError(ipc));
// we delete the object and free the resources
// for more infos check out the C bindings documentation :D !