Protocol for Instrumentation of Emulators
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extern crate libc;
use libc::{c_char, c_uint, c_ulong};
#[repr(C)] pub struct PCSX2Ipc { _private: [u8; 0] }
#[link(name = "pcsx2_ipc_c")]
extern "C" {
/* I defined the functions I wanted to use for the example
* below but if you need other ones you'll have to
* define them here, it's not too hard, just be sure
* to look up Rust FFI documentation. */
fn newPCSX2Ipc() -> *mut PCSX2Ipc;
fn Read(v: *mut PCSX2Ipc, address: c_uint, msg: c_char, batch: bool) -> c_ulong;
fn deletePCSX2Ipc(v: *mut PCSX2Ipc);
fn GetError(v: *mut PCSX2Ipc) -> c_uint;
fn main() {
unsafe {
// we get our ipc object
let _ipc = newPCSX2Ipc();
// we read an uint8_t from memory location 0x00347D34
println!("{}", Read(_ipc, 0x00347D34, 0x00, false));
// we check for errors
println!("Error (if any): {}", GetError(_ipc));
// we delete the object and free the resources
// for more infos check out the C bindings documentation :D !