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@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ zut operator>>(int s){
return res;
// i don't think this can be made faster :p
// i don't think this can be made faster without arch specific code :p
// in a z/2z field 1+1=0 and 1+0 = 1, thus it's a simple xor
// also i guess you know if you are reading this code but substraction =
// addition in Z/2Z so this can be(and is, ie in division) used interchangeably
@ -327,11 +327,8 @@ vector<zut> sff(vector<zut> factors={}) {
* Honestly I was about to write a whole paragraph on how this works but,
* honestly, wikipedia is a much better resource than me for that. I separated
* and commented briefly each subsection of the algorithm. It's not _that_
* complex plus, honestly, I have no idea who I'd write that for, as I'm sure
* you already knew about that before making this problem.
* Berlekamp algorithm in all its glory, along with a baked in matrix reduced
* echelon form transformation.
vector<zut> bk(){
// first create the matrix Q-I